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RED GLOVE follows a Cuban boxer's fall from grace after failing to defect to America. Upon receiving a second chance to return to the ring, he discovers his brother's life depends upon his ability to defeat the heavyweight champion of the world.

​Copyright in 2015, RED GLOVE was later adapted into the Ivan Drago stand-alone, Rocky IV spinoff spec script, under the title: DRAGO. Before being published in 2017, the original title was changed from Communist Boxing Redemption Movie to play better in theaters.

​While writing the characters in the Latin inspired boxing script, Andrew LeMay originally had Joe Manganiello in mind to play the lead, Justice Habana. He envisioned Salma Hayek to play the main character's passionate wife as well as Antonio Banderas to play his mafia boss brother.

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​​​​​​After 40 years, ROCKY and STARWARS are two of the oldest franchises today. But where ROCKY is centralized around Balboa's Philadelphia, STARWARS has a multitude of characters from which it draws stories, furthering the lore of the galaxy far, far away. The STARWARS story enriches its brand not just through film, but in television, print, and on multimedia platforms alike.

By intertwining established lead and supporting characters to build an intricate narrative, Marvel has changed the game. Viewers return and accept new actors into that narrative as long as they're surrounded by characters they know and love. With incremental development across multiple encounters, Marvel has expanded into film, traditional TV, and online streaming services.

With the film industry relying on the global box office today more than ever, DRAGO is the ambitious direction needed to expand the singular storyline of ROCKY into a universe on par with Marvel. By bringing Ivan Drago back as a lead anti-hero, it puts old characters into new scenarios, creates new roles which reflect the changing market, and ensures current fans will see Sylvester Stallone continue to play Rocky Balboa well into the future!          the red button below and read: DRAGO.